#PTSDDaddy… PTSD can be managed.

#PTSDDaddy… PTSD can be managed.

#PTSDDaddy… PTSD can be managed. I had a comment today on my Tweet machine that said “PTSD can be managed. All too often the excuse for bad behavior. #changingminds” Yes… and No I replied to this comment with “yes and no” I agree...

#PTSDDaddy Remembering My Dad

#PTSDDaddy Remembering My Dad I grew up watching war movies and westerns with my father. Many of these movies bored me at the time but as I grew older it became a pastime with my pop. I have spent uncountable weekends sipping whiskey and watching movies with my dad....
I have been invited back by Keith to have my own show on his Blog Talk Radio! show this Wednesday. I am excited to start this endeavor as I have been quite anti-social lately but feel that this is a fantastic opportunity to discuss PTSD topics live.

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