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PTSDDaddy #TriggerTuesday a Bit Early, Arm Yourself!

Arm Yourself! I've said it every #TriggerTuesday, you must KNOW  YOURSELF. I have not given much help or advice to HOW you need to go about doing this. I will be making a few changes to the site and categorizing posts and information a bit better. I will...

PTSDDaddy #TriggerTuesday 14Aug2018

Today's #TriggerTuesday, I discussed the triggers I have with positioning myself in an area where I feel like I can have eyes and ears on everyone around me. As stated in the video, I had been pushed by my wife to sit in a location at an event FOR MY SON...

NEW Trigger Tuesdays 6 Feb 2018

Tuesdays Each Tuesday of the week I will post about triggers. I think maybe that will help as well as now you know what to expect rather than my random A-D-D ness in my posts. Today’s trigger, I want to recall several years back. I was driving home from work, I was...

I have been invited back by Keith to have my own show on his Blog Talk Radio! show this Wednesday. I am excited to start this endeavor as I have been quite anti-social lately but feel that this is a fantastic opportunity to discuss PTSD topics live.

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