PTSD Bunker Gear for your Brain
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PTSD Bunker Gear for your Brain

I want to first introduce you to this guy here. Yes he’s Canadian, but he has some really good shit to say. This one in particular was one of his pod casts that was just what I needed to hear the other day. This is exactly my wife. She is my warden.

I could never put this into words really. I been following the guy for some time now and seem to always enjoy what he says and how he says it. This one I was driving into work and my phone updated that he had a new one so I went and clicked on it to listen. I don’t get updates all the time or many days I’m “too busy” to stop and listen but this time I was pretty tired of the radio and needed something different anyways. BAM!!! there it was…

He put into words what I know now but I have never been able to really describe. The words I use now cannot nearly go into it the way he does. I highly recommend you check out his channel and at very least give this one a good listen. This describes my wife exactly… she is my “warden” she is the one who has enough skin in the game that she cannot allow the PTSD to control me. She is the one who sees the depressing sitting in and will not let me shut everyone out. And though I will complain about it and have complained about it… it’s what I need. She loves me so much she will not let the PTSD win. She loves me so much that she will not allow it to take over. Please give it a good listen, share it with your friends, and check out more by this guy.

PTSD Bunker Gear for your Brain

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