Whisky Tango Foxtrot, OVER!

Ex-Army Special Forces (Green Beret) turned author of the greatest book in modern day production…


“Write a book,”

my father said. I argued that it was not my story to tell. “If you don’t tell it, perhaps nobody will.”
So here I sit, writing these stories best I can, to unite us, and to speak for those with no voice. We swore to protect this constitution from enemy foreign and domestic, here we are doing our best to be normal, broken, tired, and patriotic as hell!


MarineMandi is a wife, mother and former Marine. While attending college at UCA, she worked as a Sheriff’s Deputy in the patrol division. Before moving to Florida she volunteered with several different vet groups focusing on PTSD awareness and therapy. She is currently a stay-at-home mom focusing her free time on the PTSDDaddy blog, a writing project, and several other volunteer and charity efforts. Mandi’s unique view on PTSD will help to bring a new and different perspective to the blog as well as another source of help to those in need.​​

I have been invited back by Keith to have my own show on his Blog Talk Radio! show this Wednesday. I am excited to start this endeavor as I have been quite anti-social lately but feel that this is a fantastic opportunity to discuss PTSD topics live.

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